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Here is a selection of pictures of Bam being a Jackass for MTV...

Bam creeping up on Phil to give him a beating.

Bam beats on Phil!

Bam's dad, Phil, dressed as Elvis!

Heavy Metal Wake-Up!!

The famous 'Plunger Wake-Up'!!

Phil gets a Heavy Metal Wake-Up!!

Phil falls in the 'Yard Hole'

Bam prepares to 'paintball' Phil!

Bam tries the Loop!!

Bam & Jess Margera in 'Bucket Cars'

Bam in hospital after breaking his tailbone in a bucket car!!

Bam's Tailbone!!

Shopping Carts, Baby!!

Thats gotta hurt!

The 'Skate-Wheel'!

Bam about to dive!

Bam looks at his watch.

The 'Hockey Fight'

Bam's high 'dive'!

Bam throws his shoe in the 'Woodchipper'

It's an 'Ice Craze'!!

The BMX Joust

Extreme Squared

Bam ollies the 'Human Handrail'!

The Steve-O 'Stilt Dive'!!

Tony Hawk & Mat Hoffman challenge the loop!!

Bam rides his BMX into a porta-loo!!

Bam skateboarding in Philly!!

Bam leaps into a pile of dirt!!

Bam hits brother Jess round the head with a pillow very hard!!


Graham Reynolds - - 20/12/01 - all pictures belong to individual photographers!